Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look around and be proud.

So, I have been thinking (while riding the trails). Terre Haute has so much to do and going on, that must be why it is all under appreciated. I decided that this week I don't need to tell what's going on. You can go look for yourself. I gave a list of some of the websites to look at for this.

I don't think people realize how lucky we are in some aspects. One example, our trails. There are many miles of trails here in Terre Haute. I think Bloomington has less trails than Terre Haute. They have more  "shared" road, but not as much trail.

Also, have you notice that more and more business' are putting in bike racks? ISU has put in a nice row of them by the, soon to be, new science building on 7th Street. I think more places need to do this (on a smaller scale of course). The old "wheel bender" racks don't work anymore. (They are better than nothing and I will use them, usually by locking to the end of the rack). With bikes being as expensive as they are, most people want to lock or should lock both tires and the frame to a bike rack.

Bike racks at ISU's (soon to be) new science building (on 7th street)

It would be nice if every down town corner had two or three bike racks like this. I know we went to Chavas Mexican Grill last Friday night and there were 5 people in the resturant (that I know of) that had road their bike down town. There is a bike rack in front of Boo's place. There is also one around the corner in front of The Parlor. I have also stopped by the Verve and seen three bikes locked together on the bike rack in front of Boo's. This works if they bike owners know each other. But, if you don't know the owner of a bike on a bike rack, you can't just lock your bike to it.

The Parlor (last December)

Sorry, I don't mean to sound negative. I am grateful for the bike racks that we have down town. I am just pointing out why we need more. If you don't ride, then you don't necessarily understand. 

Also, ISU has changed some of the streets around campus. I noticed they have added bike lanes on Chestnut from the fountain to 3rd street. I am guessing these will be extended to 1st street on the West side of 3rd and then connect to Fairbanks park in the future. I am assuming this because next year (2013) is "The Year of the River" for Terre Haute. 

Well, I could go on forever. I guess I will wrap it up for now and say,