Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Look around and be proud.

So, I have been thinking (while riding the trails). Terre Haute has so much to do and going on, that must be why it is all under appreciated. I decided that this week I don't need to tell what's going on. You can go look for yourself. I gave a list of some of the websites to look at for this.

I don't think people realize how lucky we are in some aspects. One example, our trails. There are many miles of trails here in Terre Haute. I think Bloomington has less trails than Terre Haute. They have more  "shared" road, but not as much trail.

Also, have you notice that more and more business' are putting in bike racks? ISU has put in a nice row of them by the, soon to be, new science building on 7th Street. I think more places need to do this (on a smaller scale of course). The old "wheel bender" racks don't work anymore. (They are better than nothing and I will use them, usually by locking to the end of the rack). With bikes being as expensive as they are, most people want to lock or should lock both tires and the frame to a bike rack.

Bike racks at ISU's (soon to be) new science building (on 7th street)

It would be nice if every down town corner had two or three bike racks like this. I know we went to Chavas Mexican Grill last Friday night and there were 5 people in the resturant (that I know of) that had road their bike down town. There is a bike rack in front of Boo's place. There is also one around the corner in front of The Parlor. I have also stopped by the Verve and seen three bikes locked together on the bike rack in front of Boo's. This works if they bike owners know each other. But, if you don't know the owner of a bike on a bike rack, you can't just lock your bike to it.

The Parlor (last December)

Sorry, I don't mean to sound negative. I am grateful for the bike racks that we have down town. I am just pointing out why we need more. If you don't ride, then you don't necessarily understand. 

Also, ISU has changed some of the streets around campus. I noticed they have added bike lanes on Chestnut from the fountain to 3rd street. I am guessing these will be extended to 1st street on the West side of 3rd and then connect to Fairbanks park in the future. I am assuming this because next year (2013) is "The Year of the River" for Terre Haute. 

Well, I could go on forever. I guess I will wrap it up for now and say,

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Welcome to Summer

Wow, so much to do in Terre Haute. I am sorry I have missed the whole month of May with no blogs. I have been busy with biking the trail, kayaking at Hawthorn Park, gardening, weddings, the Community Theatre, graduations and so much more.

I went to a yoga class at in Yoga last night. It was great. I am no yoga expert, but I really enjoy the stretch and relaxation of a good yoga class. Patti did a great job reminding me that it was OK if I didn't get in the exact correct position for a pose. The important part of yoga is to get a good (not painful) stretch and to relax the mind. That is what yoga is for me. I don't want to get into any arguments about what you are supposed to get out of your yoga class.

In Yoga has been in a few locations, under a couple of names. I am sure they will find the proper location with the best name to fit in here in Terre Haute. They have six different classes, so I am almost sure they have one to fit your yoga needs.

This Saturday, June 9th, is the 30th Annual Fishing Rodeo at Dobbs Park. That's right, the 30th annual! I can't believe it myself. As you can see on the webpage that is linked above, there is something almost every week or two at Dobbs Park. There is a facebook page, but it isn't offical or ran by the park. Actually, I think there are two or three pages. Only the one I have linked has any activity. I really think Dobbs is beautiful park and it is under appreciated by many. It's not the biggest park, but it has a ton to offer. The park Naturalist, Carissa does a great job. They have a Nature center with a wildlife viewing area and even junior naturalist program. Also, Dobbs Park is home to a Native American Museum.

Something else that is coming up is the Arts Illiana Summer Exhibition. The opening will be on June 22nd from 6 to 9. Arts Illiana is located on 6th street, between Cherry street and Wabash Avenue. There openings are always a blast with good art, nice music and fun people. I hope to see you there.

If you are looking for something a little different to do that is fun and supports your community, why not "Tag the tagger"?  S.P.P.R.A.K., which stands for Special People Performing Random Acts of Kindness, is working to cover some of the graffiti in town and also hopes to work with local artist to do some murals.They are also on facebook.

For a list of more things to do and information about these things, go to the Downtown calendar.

Get out there Terre Haute!

I want to remind you that there are many links to websites and facebook pages in this blog. If they don't show up as a different color, then move your cursor back and forth on each line to highlight and then click on them.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

March to save the babies!

The March of Dimes is the leading nonprofit organization for pregnancy and baby health.  With chapters nationwide and its premier event, March for Babies, the March of Dimes works to improve the health of babies. For the latest resources and information, visit marchofdimes.com or nacersano.org.

Our local March of Dimes is getting ready to do this "premier event" in Terre Haute. If you don't know about it, here is the "Who, What, Where and When" of it all.

WHAT: March for Babies is the March of Dimes premier fundraising event that benefits all babies. Started in 1970, March for Babies is the original walking event, raising money to fund important research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and give hope to the families of babies born too soon or sick.

WHEN: Saturday, April 28th 8:30 am Walker and team check-in 9:30 am Opening ceremony

WHERE: March for Babies route this year has been revised to be a 2 mile traditional walk with the option to walk a total of 5 miles on the Indiana Mile at Memorial Stadium. The plan is for the walkers to enjoy the festivities at “Mission Marketplace” before and after walking that begins and ends at the Indiana State University Memorial Stadium. ISU Memorial Stadium is located at Brown and Wabash Avenue. 

WHO: Moms, families, corporate teams and everyone that cares about babies and the future health of ALL babies.

WHY: The most urgent infant health problem in the U.S. today is premature birth. It affects more than half a million babies each year, with the number growing every day. In Indiana, 1 in 7 or over 11,000 babies are born prematurely each year. Babies born too soon are more likely to have disabilities or even die. The March of Dimes is committed to reducing this toll by funding research to find the answers to premature birth and providing comfort and information to families who are affected. Babies born healthy need champions, too, to ensure they have access to newborn screening and preventive health care. The March of Dimes is here for all babies.

HOW: It is not too late to register for March for Babies. Register by visiting marchforbabies.org or calling 812-234-2736.

The March of Dimes Wabash Valley Division has three walk sites (Bedford, Bloomington and Terre Haute) and 10 counties that are handled out of the Terre Haute office. At the Terre Haute March for Babies the goal is to raise $190,000. They partner with local organizations and businesses to help raise money for research, education and babies across the USA and in Terre Haute.

As far as volunteer opportunities, the March of Dimes is always looking for people that are interested in volunteering at events, joining a committee, or families with personal stories to share about their baby’s difficult beginning. Anyone interested can reach out to them via email or phone for more details on how to get involved. The office is open year round.  

Contact the local office at:
March of Dimes
1345 Ohio Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807
P: 812.234.2736

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Earth Day. Yes, it should be everyday.

Looking for something to do this Saturday? How about live music, animals, food, fellowship and more? You can get all that at the 14TH Annual Earth Day Celebration at St. Mary of the Woods. It will be Saturday, April 21st, 2012 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The White Violet Center for eco-justice has so much fun stuff to see and do for you at St. Mary of the Woods. You can see and pet the Alpaca, go on a tour of the barn or Green house, see a live animal show, do Tai Chi, listen to live music or do kids activities.

There will spinning and weaving demonstrations. You can even take a environmentally friendly ride in a pedicab ride. 

I can't possibly name all the stuff that will be at St. Mary of the Woods on Saturday. It is free, but they do take a good will offering at the gate. There will be many vendors selling and giving stuff away. Plenty of demonstrations and things to see. Hope to see you there.

For directions and more information, go to the Sisters of Providence web page.


Thursday, April 12, 2012

On the Line Productions

WOW! First I have to say, "I am sorry." It has been weeks since I have blogged. I was waiting for a local business owner to respond, she didn't so I didn't have a post ready. Next thing I know I had missed a few weeks. SORRY. I guess I now know not to put all my eggs in one basket.

I am writing about a local business that I have just learned about, On the Line Productions. This business is a local theatrical company. I didn't know Terre Haute had one of those and I am guessing you didn't either. Now we can both learn a little more about it.

What is On The Line Productions?
The following is sort of our mission statement that we include in every program... On The Line Productions is an up and coming theatrical production company dedicated to bringing positve theatre experiences and productions to the Terre Haute community. With On The Line Productions, we strive to uplift and at times educate a broad audience. Bedouin Players is our subsidiary theatrical troupe that offers workshops and production opportunities to the youth.

How long have you been in business?
We were certified as a non profit group in Indiana last spring.

What are you presently working on?
When and where is it playing?
Presently working on The Miracle Worker by William Gibson, to be performed at Harmony Hall May 4, 5 and 6th at Harmony Hall in Terre Haute. Harmony Hall is located at 1257 Lafayette Avenue. Performances on Friday and Saturday both begin at 7:30 pm with a Sunday matinee begining at 2:30 pm. As we are partnered with The Will Center, a not for profit organization that assists those with disabilites in Indiana, we will feature a guest speaker, Pete Ciancone, executive director of the Will center after the matinee performance

Have you done any other shows?
This is the third mainstage performance for our group. Our first was Diary of Anne Frank. For this production we partnered with CANDLES Holocaust Museum and made a charitable donation. Next we did Neil Simon's Prisoner of Second Avenue. We also did a Bedouin Players workshop for children in which we performed an original children's play that I wrote called The Clown.

If anyone has a question about your business, how can they contact you? (ie. Phone, Facebook, Website or email)
We can be contacted several ways. We have a Facebook Group as well as a website... www.onthelineproductions.com you can also call 812-223-3297 or email at onthelineproductions@juno.com

What should people who have never heard of your business know about it?
People should know that we are always looking for new volunteers... no previous experience required. We are also looking for original works and people who are interested in directing.

Are you hoping or planning on business growth in the future?
We hope to expand into our own building as a part of the family business... Harvest Bakery. Harvest Bakery can also be found on Facebook.

Do you employee any other people besides yourself?
We would like to, after time and growth, have a small part time staff

This is such a different business and we are lucky to have it right here in Terre Haute. I am excited to go see The Miracle Worker. I know I am going to keep an eye on this business and hope to see some great work coming from them. I also, feel I should let you know the owners were in the last Community Theatre musical, "Meet Me in St. Louis". They also helped with lighting for last musical at the Children's Theatre of Terre Haute. My wife and I really enjoyed that. Flat Stanley was a fun show.

I hope you keep them in mind when you are looking for something to do with your family or friends in the future.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Do the math Terre Haute....

Terre Haute is so amazing. I can't believe how long it has been amazing. Many more years than I have been alive! Plus, if you add up all the years that different places in Terre Haute have been around, it's really big number.

Now you might be saying, "What is he talking about?" If so, you need to read this blog! I am talking about the amazing history of long standing music, arts and historical worth in Terre Haute.

The Community Theatre of Terre Haute is getting ready for the last show of it's 85th season. That is over twice as long as I have been alive. In a short 15 years it will be 100 years old. Yes, I mean a century.

The shows and directors are already picked for the 86th season and they look to be fabulous. I personally can't wait to see "Hairspray".

Did you know that the Children's Theatre of Terre Haute is celebrating 75 years? Yep, that's right 75 YEARS!

I have to admit that I didn't even know there was a Children's Theatre until a few years ago. They do a couple show per year. The last one, "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley" was really good.

Terre Haute has a long standing musical history as well. The Terre Haute Symphony Orchestra is over half way done with it's 86th season. 

The Symphony has two shows left. The next one being "The King of Instruments". It will be on March 24th at 7:30 P.M. The final show the the 2011-2012 season will be "Ol' Blue Eyes" on April 21st at 7:30 P.M. 

That's 235 years combined in the first three things I have mentioned. Keep adding.

If you want more vocal music with good harmony, Terre Haute has something for you. Check out the Might Banks of the Wabash Chorus

According to the Tribune Star the BOW Chorus has been around since the 1940's. I couldn't find an exact date, but at over 60 years it's been around a long time! They perform locally at Harmony Hall on Lafayette Avenue. 

The Terre Haute Community Band offers a musical change of pace by being free and outside. The only history I could find for how long they have been around (without a bunch of research) was that they filled of non-profit status in 2000. So, it has been around for at least a dozen years.

This band is all volunteer and performs every other Saturday at 8 P.M. in Fairbanks Park during the Summer. The concerts are free and open to the public. Every show is exciting and different. 

How about the BLUES? Yep, Terre Haute has them. The Blues at the Crossroads

We are going to close 7th and Wabash for two days, set up a big ole' stage and sit in the streets!

This year, 2012, will be the 12th annual. I can't believe after a dozen years there are still people in this town who don't really know anything about it. Not only is there be music, but there is food, beer, t-shirts and even a half marathon! Connie should be updating the website soon, so keep check on it to see who is come to show!

If you think art and think of paintings, scultures and pictures then Terre Haute has had something for you since 1942. That is when The Swope Art Museum officially opened it's doors to the public and gained nation wide attention. WOW, 70 years! It's old enough to retire. I sure hope it doesn't do any such thing. 

The Swope Art Museum is know around the world for it's collection of over 2000 works. The American work of art include both 19th and 20th century paintings and sculptures.

How about an organization that promotes and supports it all? As you might have guessed, we have that also. Arts Illiana has been doing just that, supporting the arts, in the Wabash Valley since 1980. 

That is an impressive 32 years. The mission of Arts Illiana is to promote, support and enhace the arts and cultural activities of the Wabash Valley. 

Looking for something with more historic value. How about a museum? Try a museum dedicated to telling the story of the Holocaust and the stories of the Auschwitz twins. That such place is called C.A.N.D.L.E.S. Holocaust Museum.

C.A.N.D.L.E.S. was dedicated by Eva Kor in 1995. That's 17 years, if you are doing the math. The museum is located at 1532 S. Third Street and is open Tuesday thru Friday 10-4 and Saturday 1-4.

Want more local history. Not a problem.The Vigo County Historical Society has it. And this place has been around as long as I can remember, so that's about 40 years. If you have lived here your whole life and never been or just started unpacking boxes in your new home, I recommend you stop by to see all the history under one roof. Also, if it's been a few years since you have been then it is time to go again.

From the Coke bottle that was designed here in Terre Haute to the legendary Stiffy Green. There is a basement and two floors of history to explore. 

So, if you have been playing along and keeping up with the math you should have about 489 years of history, arts and entertainment. Not bad for a town with nothing to do. I make myself laugh when I say that. 


Saturday, March 3, 2012

What going on the next week or so?

First, I am a little behind on my post. I have been really busy lately. I just don't have enough time to do all there is to do in this wonderful town. And, it is a wonderful town (not that we can't make it better). I have been busy helping build the set for the Community Theatre Musical, Meet Me in St. Louis. I have also been working on the run crew for the musical. Last night was opening night and I think it went great.

So, what to do? How about going to see the musical I have been working on?

Josh and his crew have been working hard to make this a great show. They have put in countless hours and many late nights doing this. 

If you like the theatre and want more music, Terre Haute has more! The Children's Theatre of Terre Haute will give it to you. I have to admit, I really am sad that I am not going to get to see this show. They did an awesome job on the last show. I think The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley JR. will be so much fun. 

Also, one more musical this weekend. St. Mary of Woods College is doing The Sound of Music

I couldn't find anything on St. Mary's website, so I have put a link to the channel 10 community calendar. There may be more information on the St. Mary of the Woods website, so I am also putting a link to it.  

Coming soon: Interview with Yvette from Modern Charm

Get Out There Terre Haute!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Floral business

I guess I should have done this a few weeks ago for Valentine's Day. But with Spring coming, I am sure there are a bunch of weddings in the works. I have know Jeni for many years and she's a great person. I grew up next to her grandparents. I love the whole family.

What is your name and how are you involved in or with jmorse designs?  Jeni Morse and jmorse designs is me, I am an Event Designer.

How long has jmorse designs been in business? Well, I have been a floral designer for 16 years and after I graduated from SMWC with a degree in Digital Media Communications I have been doing freelance print media for 10years. That includes, custom invitations, wedding programs, tent cards, table numbers and anything printed or painted.

Where is your business located?  I work out of my home. Since everything I do is custom I don't have a storefront. 

Do you hope to have a downtown location, someday? I would love to have a location downtown. I feel like it is exactly the atmosphere I would love to be in. 

What are your hours? No hours, since I am freelance I can work around anyone's schedule

If I have a question about your business, how can I contact someone? (ie. Phone, Facebook, Website or email)jmorsedesigns@gmail.com , on facebook page under jmorse designs, website is www.wix.com/jmorsedesigns/jmorsedesigns.

What should people who have never heard of your business know? Everything I do is custom and tailored to the event.  So if you just want me to do some programs for you wedding and you have an "aunt" doing your flowers then that's ok.  Or if you just want to have a brainstorming session to get some ideas then I can do that too.  I can even have a "class" on how to make some of the event elements yourself. 

Why should the people of Terre Haute and surrounding areas come to or support your business? I think that it is possible to get everthing you need for your event from someone in Terre Haute.  Supporting local businesses is essential to building our community.  If I can't get you what you need 9 chances out of 10 I can direct you to someone who can. 

Do you have any events plants for 2012? I plan on participating in the Tablescapes Event in the end of February.
One of Jeni's past Tablescape tables. 

Are you hoping or planning on business growth for 2012 (in size, what you offer or number of employees)? Right now just dreams, nothing set in stone.

Is your business a member of the Downtown Terre Haute? No

Do you support other Downtown Businesses (directly, indirectly or personally)? I do what I can to bring awareness of all the downtown businesses and events.

How many local people do you employee? Me, Myself & I ;)

Do you participate in any downtown events? Yes

If so, which ones? I have participated in Tablescapes for the last three years and I also participate in the Miracle on 7th Street event

Do you support it when Downtown streets are blocked for events (such as Blues at the Crossroads, Downtown Block Party, the Altrusa Chili Cook-off or other similar events)? I think it's wonderful to see our community gather for these events!!

What are your hopes for Downtown Terre Haute? My hopes are that it continues on growing in awareness and popularity.  I will definitely continue to promote it.

You can see some of Jeni's work on jmorse design's  Facebook or the Facebook of the last business I interviewed. See some of Sammantha and Jeni's work at The Roxy Studio's facebook. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What going on?

Hey Terre Haute,

I have to apologize. I am a few days late. I a family wedding this weekend and then Valentine's Day on Tuesday. That in addition to normal life has made me get behind on my blog. Again, sorry.

So, what is going on this weekend? I don't know if I can even get it all in one blog....


President's Concert at ISU

Indiana State University's School of Music will honor ISU President Dan Bradley by featuring 11 of its finest individual performers in concert at 7:30 p.m. in the recital hall of the Landini Center for Performing and Fine Arts.
The concert is free, but seating is limited. To request tickets, contact the School of Music at 812-237-2771.

Alliance at the Swope

Jana Pyle discusses portraits created with the support of a Michigan Arts Council /Upjohn Company grant. 
For more information Swope 


The Clayton Miller Band is at the Verve.

This a great band and who can resist stopping by to see Connie at the Verve?

Mardi Gras at the Swope

Don your party attire and join the Art Hoppers for the annual Mardi Gras Party!  Enjoy a hurricane or other favorite beverage from our cash bar, plus complimentary eats, treats and sweets.  Dance with friends to music by DJ Apollo, and elect the King and Queen of the Swope Mardi Gras!

10:00 pm
665 Wabash Ave

Artist Talk Series at the Halcyon

The February Saturday artist talk series (2:00-4:00 pm) 
John Gardner: "Lacunae" 

Halcyon Art Gallery is located at 25 S. 7th Street, beside the Swope Art Museum on the corner of 7th and Ohio Streets. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 11:00 - 5:00 pm. 


Indiana State University will host a day of jazz Saturday (Feb. 18) with performances by middle and high school jazz bands during the day and an evening performance by a quartet of well-known guest artists. 

Bands and combos from throughout the region are scheduled to perform in front of judges, who will offer assistance in becoming a better musician.

The ISU Jazz Ensemble will perform at noon.

An evening concert, scheduled for 7:30 p.m., features a jazz quartet of guest artists - trumpeter Pat Harbison, pianist Steve Allee, bassist Joe Deal and drummer Herlin Riley.

Jazzfest activities are free and open to the public. The festival is organized by the Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia professional music fraternity. 

For more information, call the department of music at 812 237-2771

These are a few of the things going on in the Downtown area of Terre Haute this weekend. For more ideas and/or information check out the Downtown Terre Haute website.


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roxy Studio

This week I am posting an email interview with half of a young and talented couple. They are both artistic, he as a graphic artist and her as a photographer. This is why I am posting on the Roxy Studio, so you will know about this local buisness. She does some amazing work. She specializes in customized photography experiences ranging from weddings, boudoir sessions & family lifestyle documentation -- all photographed personally by her, the owner & photographer, Samantha McGranahan!
What is your name and how are you involved in or with Roxy Studio?
Samantha McGranahan
I'm the owner & primary photographer for the studio.

Where is your business located?
Our storefront/office location is 1711 Wabash Ave in Terre Haute, IN 47807 - we shoot almost all session on location.

What are your hours?
Due to that we shoot all sessions on location, our hours are by appointment only.

If I have a question about your business, how can I contact someone? (ie. Phone, Facebook, Website or email)
Lot's of ways:
Phone - 812-917-5996
Email - info@theroxystudio.com (the best way!)
We are on Facebook too!

How long has Roxy Studios been in business and how long have you been involved with it?
We are in our 5th year and I've been here since the beginning :)

What should people who have never heard of your business know?
All of our photography is custom designed around our client's needs.  We specialize in wedding photography and editorial boudoir (stylized photography for women) and also photograph families at all stages.  My goal is to always make each session represent what the subject's personality and lifestyle is like (which is why we shoot on location primarily) and to tell a story with the images we capture.  The name "The Roxy Studio" can be a little misleading, making you think that we shoot at the studio, but in fact, we make whatever environment we are photographing in our "studio" because the surroundings we shoot in are just as important at the person in front of the camera.

Why should the people of Terre Haute and surrounding areas come to or support your business?
If they are looking for a personalized service, they will surely enjoy working with us.  We are fortunate that our client's become life-long friends because of how much we get to know about them.  We love that :)

How can people support your business?
Hire us to photograph you!

Are you on the present Downtown discount card or would you be interested in being on one in the future?
We are not, and would love to explore the opportunity if it's a good fit.

Do you have any events plants for 2012?
Oh yes, lots of weddings and sessions planned on our calendar already.  We also work with a lot of local organizations and charities on their events and fundraising, as well as shoot for Terre Haute Living magazine.

Are you hoping or planning on business growth for 2012?
My goals for 2012 is to expand our boudoir photography.  We will be traveling to photograph in other surrounding areas, as well as exploring some locations in Terre Haute that will provide a great shoot environment for our client's.  Our photographer staff is small, which is essential in building relationships with our clients and help us to get to know the people we are working directly with, but in post I'm hoping to grow a small team.  I would like to improve (our already speedy) turn-around time on images and offer additional products that would require help in creating in-house.

Is your business a member of the Downtown Terre Haute?

Do you support other Downtown Businesses (directly, indirectly or personally)?
Personally, my family tries to shop local as much as we can.  As a business, we do use a lot of local resources and try to partner with other local businesses to offer support in referrals as well.

Do you have bicycle parking at or near your business?
Not specifically, but we allow bicycles to be brought into our lobby.

If so, is it in a good location?
not really :(

If not, would you be willing to put in a bike rack?
We are renting the property, so it would have to be approved by our landlord

How many local people do you employee?

Do you participate in any downtown events?
oh yes! :)

Do you support it when Downtown streets are blocked for events (such as Blues at the Crossroads, Downtown Block Party, the Altrusa Chili Cook-off or other similar events)?
Yes!  I would love to see DTH develop a "map" (online, or in the paper) noting which streets are closed at those times (not sure if they already to that, but would find it VERY helpful as when they are closed and we have events to work (weddings, etc.) in those areas, it would relieve stress for us and for the guests at these events to know in advance what the conditions would be like - especially since our jobs rely a lot on timeliness)

What are your hopes for Downtown Terre Haute?
I'm excited to see it grow and hope it continues at the rate that it is. I think bringing in a few  more  restaurants and shops would make it an attraction for visitors to come and explore.

I also realize we didn't mention the roxystudio blog.


Monday, January 30, 2012

Things to do...even in the Winter.

 Tonight the Indianapolis Chamber Players are at ISU. The 18th there is an all day Jazz Festival. Plus, many musical things to attend in the future both before and after the Jazz Festival. For more information on times and locations check out the master calendar at http://calendar.indstate.edu/MasterCalendar/MasterCalendar.aspx

 This Friday will be FIRST FRIDAY Downtown. Book Nation is have a LAST DAYS BLOW OUT SALE. The shop will be open on Friday, February 3 from 11:00 until at least 9:00 (for First Friday). They will be having a Beer Box Sale on our last two days, customers will also have the option to fill an empty beer case with books for just $20 (see photo). We have the boxes ready to go; it should be a lot of fun! You can get more information on the last days on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/albums/?id=38248226878#!/events/241322209276431/ 

 The next sporting event for the Sycamores will be a mens basketball game on February 1st at 8pm. Check out the master sports calender for sporting event dates and times. http://www.gosycamores.com/main/Schedule.dbml?DB_LANG=C&DB_OEM_ID=15200

 Rose Hulman has an excellent Performing arts series at their Hatfield Hall. The next performance is Ladysmith on February 7th at 7:30pm. For more information check out the website. http://www.hatfieldhall.com/

 You could help out at the Community Theater for the upcoming Meet Me in St. Louis. Just ask on facebook what time the people are meeting (for whatever you think you'd enjoy helping with). https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/ctterrehaute/  They also have a website, if you aren't on facebook. http://ctth.org/ If you want to be in a play visit the website for tryout dates for the next play. Or maybe you just want to come and enjoy the show, they have the dates, times and prices for the shows, as well, on the website.

On a day like today, take a ride, walk or jog on the National Road Heritage Trail. Be sure to "LIKE" the facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/99661572096/

If you have little ones, stop by the Children's Museum. Want to see what is going on at the museum? https://www.facebook.com/#!/terrehautechildrensmuseum or http://thchildrensmuseum.com/

Volunteer at the Humane Society. They are always looking for helpers. For more information on what you can do and how to go about it, check their website at http://www.thhs.org/info/display?PageID=9963

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red's Wagon Rides.

Red's Wagon Rides is (as far as I know) Terre Haute's first pedicab service. Above is a picture of Red's Wagon (topless). I figured I would do this interview with the owner (who happens to be my wife) at the beginning and see what she hopes for the business. Also, that way you'd know what to expect from the pedicab service. Then after the first season I hope to do a second interview to see how it went and if it lived up to her expectations.

I will first ask some general questions about the pedicab business and then some about what she hopes for the business.

What is a pedicab?
A pedicab is a green and alternative way of transportation by bicycle, where you don't have to do any work, just sit back & enjoy the ride.

How many people can ride in it?
My pedicab can hold up to 3 passengers with a weight limit of 500 lbs.  I haven't tried to pull that much yet, so I'll let you know how that works for me.

Where can I use it's services?
We are planning on having a presence at various downtown events, Earth Day at SMWC (if they will let me). We will also be available for special engagements. 

When will it be in operation?
We are planning on running when the weather is decent and we have free time. We have no set schedule at this time. We were out yesterday in the cold & wind for test rides.  You will just have to look for us in the downtown area, we are kind of hard to miss!

Is there a fee?
No, there is not going to be a fee at the current time but tips will be appreciated. We are just starting & we don't feel it would be fair to charge people at this time. Weddings & special occasion rides can be discussed if someone would like this service. 

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about your pedicab business?
This is a ride that takes life at a slower pace, please don't be in a hurry if you want a ride. We hope to shape the business to meet the needs of downtown Terre Haute.

I am hoping to do blogs on more Terre Haute Businesses, the Downtown Farmer's Market, The Community Theater, the Children's Museum and more. Be sure to let me know if you have ideas, suggestions or questions.