Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roxy Studio

This week I am posting an email interview with half of a young and talented couple. They are both artistic, he as a graphic artist and her as a photographer. This is why I am posting on the Roxy Studio, so you will know about this local buisness. She does some amazing work. She specializes in customized photography experiences ranging from weddings, boudoir sessions & family lifestyle documentation -- all photographed personally by her, the owner & photographer, Samantha McGranahan!
What is your name and how are you involved in or with Roxy Studio?
Samantha McGranahan
I'm the owner & primary photographer for the studio.

Where is your business located?
Our storefront/office location is 1711 Wabash Ave in Terre Haute, IN 47807 - we shoot almost all session on location.

What are your hours?
Due to that we shoot all sessions on location, our hours are by appointment only.

If I have a question about your business, how can I contact someone? (ie. Phone, Facebook, Website or email)
Lot's of ways:
Phone - 812-917-5996
Email - (the best way!)
We are on Facebook too!

How long has Roxy Studios been in business and how long have you been involved with it?
We are in our 5th year and I've been here since the beginning :)

What should people who have never heard of your business know?
All of our photography is custom designed around our client's needs.  We specialize in wedding photography and editorial boudoir (stylized photography for women) and also photograph families at all stages.  My goal is to always make each session represent what the subject's personality and lifestyle is like (which is why we shoot on location primarily) and to tell a story with the images we capture.  The name "The Roxy Studio" can be a little misleading, making you think that we shoot at the studio, but in fact, we make whatever environment we are photographing in our "studio" because the surroundings we shoot in are just as important at the person in front of the camera.

Why should the people of Terre Haute and surrounding areas come to or support your business?
If they are looking for a personalized service, they will surely enjoy working with us.  We are fortunate that our client's become life-long friends because of how much we get to know about them.  We love that :)

How can people support your business?
Hire us to photograph you!

Are you on the present Downtown discount card or would you be interested in being on one in the future?
We are not, and would love to explore the opportunity if it's a good fit.

Do you have any events plants for 2012?
Oh yes, lots of weddings and sessions planned on our calendar already.  We also work with a lot of local organizations and charities on their events and fundraising, as well as shoot for Terre Haute Living magazine.

Are you hoping or planning on business growth for 2012?
My goals for 2012 is to expand our boudoir photography.  We will be traveling to photograph in other surrounding areas, as well as exploring some locations in Terre Haute that will provide a great shoot environment for our client's.  Our photographer staff is small, which is essential in building relationships with our clients and help us to get to know the people we are working directly with, but in post I'm hoping to grow a small team.  I would like to improve (our already speedy) turn-around time on images and offer additional products that would require help in creating in-house.

Is your business a member of the Downtown Terre Haute?

Do you support other Downtown Businesses (directly, indirectly or personally)?
Personally, my family tries to shop local as much as we can.  As a business, we do use a lot of local resources and try to partner with other local businesses to offer support in referrals as well.

Do you have bicycle parking at or near your business?
Not specifically, but we allow bicycles to be brought into our lobby.

If so, is it in a good location?
not really :(

If not, would you be willing to put in a bike rack?
We are renting the property, so it would have to be approved by our landlord

How many local people do you employee?

Do you participate in any downtown events?
oh yes! :)

Do you support it when Downtown streets are blocked for events (such as Blues at the Crossroads, Downtown Block Party, the Altrusa Chili Cook-off or other similar events)?
Yes!  I would love to see DTH develop a "map" (online, or in the paper) noting which streets are closed at those times (not sure if they already to that, but would find it VERY helpful as when they are closed and we have events to work (weddings, etc.) in those areas, it would relieve stress for us and for the guests at these events to know in advance what the conditions would be like - especially since our jobs rely a lot on timeliness)

What are your hopes for Downtown Terre Haute?
I'm excited to see it grow and hope it continues at the rate that it is. I think bringing in a few  more  restaurants and shops would make it an attraction for visitors to come and explore.

I also realize we didn't mention the roxystudio blog.


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