Monday, February 20, 2012

Floral business

I guess I should have done this a few weeks ago for Valentine's Day. But with Spring coming, I am sure there are a bunch of weddings in the works. I have know Jeni for many years and she's a great person. I grew up next to her grandparents. I love the whole family.

What is your name and how are you involved in or with jmorse designs?  Jeni Morse and jmorse designs is me, I am an Event Designer.

How long has jmorse designs been in business? Well, I have been a floral designer for 16 years and after I graduated from SMWC with a degree in Digital Media Communications I have been doing freelance print media for 10years. That includes, custom invitations, wedding programs, tent cards, table numbers and anything printed or painted.

Where is your business located?  I work out of my home. Since everything I do is custom I don't have a storefront. 

Do you hope to have a downtown location, someday? I would love to have a location downtown. I feel like it is exactly the atmosphere I would love to be in. 

What are your hours? No hours, since I am freelance I can work around anyone's schedule

If I have a question about your business, how can I contact someone? (ie. Phone, Facebook, Website or email) , on facebook page under jmorse designs, website is

What should people who have never heard of your business know? Everything I do is custom and tailored to the event.  So if you just want me to do some programs for you wedding and you have an "aunt" doing your flowers then that's ok.  Or if you just want to have a brainstorming session to get some ideas then I can do that too.  I can even have a "class" on how to make some of the event elements yourself. 

Why should the people of Terre Haute and surrounding areas come to or support your business? I think that it is possible to get everthing you need for your event from someone in Terre Haute.  Supporting local businesses is essential to building our community.  If I can't get you what you need 9 chances out of 10 I can direct you to someone who can. 

Do you have any events plants for 2012? I plan on participating in the Tablescapes Event in the end of February.
One of Jeni's past Tablescape tables. 

Are you hoping or planning on business growth for 2012 (in size, what you offer or number of employees)? Right now just dreams, nothing set in stone.

Is your business a member of the Downtown Terre Haute? No

Do you support other Downtown Businesses (directly, indirectly or personally)? I do what I can to bring awareness of all the downtown businesses and events.

How many local people do you employee? Me, Myself & I ;)

Do you participate in any downtown events? Yes

If so, which ones? I have participated in Tablescapes for the last three years and I also participate in the Miracle on 7th Street event

Do you support it when Downtown streets are blocked for events (such as Blues at the Crossroads, Downtown Block Party, the Altrusa Chili Cook-off or other similar events)? I think it's wonderful to see our community gather for these events!!

What are your hopes for Downtown Terre Haute? My hopes are that it continues on growing in awareness and popularity.  I will definitely continue to promote it.

You can see some of Jeni's work on jmorse design's  Facebook or the Facebook of the last business I interviewed. See some of Sammantha and Jeni's work at The Roxy Studio's facebook. 


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