Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red's Wagon Rides.

Red's Wagon Rides is (as far as I know) Terre Haute's first pedicab service. Above is a picture of Red's Wagon (topless). I figured I would do this interview with the owner (who happens to be my wife) at the beginning and see what she hopes for the business. Also, that way you'd know what to expect from the pedicab service. Then after the first season I hope to do a second interview to see how it went and if it lived up to her expectations.

I will first ask some general questions about the pedicab business and then some about what she hopes for the business.

What is a pedicab?
A pedicab is a green and alternative way of transportation by bicycle, where you don't have to do any work, just sit back & enjoy the ride.

How many people can ride in it?
My pedicab can hold up to 3 passengers with a weight limit of 500 lbs.  I haven't tried to pull that much yet, so I'll let you know how that works for me.

Where can I use it's services?
We are planning on having a presence at various downtown events, Earth Day at SMWC (if they will let me). We will also be available for special engagements. 

When will it be in operation?
We are planning on running when the weather is decent and we have free time. We have no set schedule at this time. We were out yesterday in the cold & wind for test rides.  You will just have to look for us in the downtown area, we are kind of hard to miss!

Is there a fee?
No, there is not going to be a fee at the current time but tips will be appreciated. We are just starting & we don't feel it would be fair to charge people at this time. Weddings & special occasion rides can be discussed if someone would like this service. 

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about your pedicab business?
This is a ride that takes life at a slower pace, please don't be in a hurry if you want a ride. We hope to shape the business to meet the needs of downtown Terre Haute.

I am hoping to do blogs on more Terre Haute Businesses, the Downtown Farmer's Market, The Community Theater, the Children's Museum and more. Be sure to let me know if you have ideas, suggestions or questions.

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